The Mystic

The Mystic

The incorporeal threads of magik stretch across the multiplex planes of the cosmos and are bound by the ectoplasmic Ether that passes through them all.  Mystics have learned the arcane rituals whereby they might train their minds to tap into these magikal conduits and bend it to their will as well as accessing the pathways of the Astral Plane.  Their magik takes a particular form, given its focus on Mentalism and Divination.  Mystics are the predictors of the future, the finders of secrets, and the readers of minds.

Sporting the tattoos that act as the trigger of their magiks, the Mystic is a figure of mystery and curious speculation.  This is partly due to the nature of their spells that focus on the minds and emotions of others and partly because they activate these magiks with nary a word whispered.  In some places Mystics are revered as great teachers and in others they are hunted as manipulators of men’s souls.  Whatever the truth may be, it is certain that they wield some of the most powerful magik on Aeres but as the great philosophers have said, no great power comes without its price.  The Mystic class has Intelligence as its primary attribute with Constitution and Wisdom secondary.


Class Abilities:

The Mystic spends her life perfecting the power and focus of her mind, and thus masters several key skills through course of her career.


Level Title Attribute Class Ability Table
1 – 4 Mentalist Int:          15

Wis:        12

Con:       10

Mental Prowess: The Mystic has mastered techniques by which she may guard her mind and soul from extra-planar powers and mental influence from all sources.  Thus, she cannot be possessed by creatures of the outer planes and gains resistance to telepathic influence, 20% + 3% per level.
5 – 8 Diviner Int:          15

Wis:        13

Con:       11

Precognition: Gains a limited precognitive ability that acts as a sort of “sixth sense”.  The Mystic gets a sensation of being watched or followed on a 1in 6 under appropriate conditions.
9 –12 Medium Int:          17

Wis:        14

Con:       12

Empathic: The Mystic gains the ability of Empathy.  She detects the surface emotions of any creature she can see that is in the power’s area (30’ radius centered on Mystic). She can sense basic needs, drives, and emotions. Thirst, hunger, fear, fatigue, pain, rage, hatred, uncertainty, curiosity, friendliness, and many other kinds of sensations and moods can all be perceived.  Confers +2 to all Haggle, Rhetoric, and Leadership skills.  The use of this skill requires one full round of concentration and 1 PP per level of target.
13 – Mystic Int:          17

Wis:        15

Psychic Prowess: Any direct spells by another Mystic must first defeat your Psychic Shield before it can affect you.  The use of Mentalist magik against you begins an Essence conflict.  The first Mystic to fail a roll against their Essence becomes a target of a spell.  If ten consecutive rolls are made versus a particular spell then the defender is immune from the effect of that spell for the remainder of the encounter.


Special Advantages:



– The Mystic does not require somatic or material components for her magik as the spell is literally tattooed onto her skin and by means of a secret ritual she has learned to access this magik with either a thought or brief incantation.

 Cosmic Awareness:

– Working with the very stuff of the Cosmos, the Mystic understands more fully the method by which Talismans operate and so she gains a +2 to all saving throws vs. Talismans.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

Mystics pay attention to details and to that which is seen and unseen.  As such they develop certain abilities as they develop their minds.

  • -Education 4
  • -Magik Sense
  • -Spellcraft
  • -Artistic Ability
  • -Meditation
  • -Alertness

Occult Tattoos:

The most closely guarded secret of the class of Mystics is the ritual of the Tattoo.  These stylized tattoos are inked onto the Mystic, one for each spell that she learns.  The tattoos then work in conjunction with the Mystic’s Essence to permit casting of their spells without the need for somatic and verbal components.  The tattoos tend to increase in size with the level of the spell and so the Mystic must be careful as she advances in levels to be sure that she has space on her body.  The tattoos may not cover the head or the feet.  Once she has no more room, she must forego the spell or undertake the painful process of removing other tattoos to make room.  It is clear that the design is not the key element of their power because there are several different styles of tattoos depending on geography.

Examples of tattoos and corresponding spells: 1 – Wall of Ectoplasm, 2 – Breath of the Dragon, 3 – Inertial Armour, 4 – Brain Spider, 5 – Vampiric Blade

Becoming a Mystic:

The character must have a minimum of 15 Intelligence, 10 Constitution, and 12 Wisdom.  Mystics learn their craft from another Mystic who then becomes their Mentor.  This mentor will teach the Mystic the ability to train their mind to sense the threads of the Ether and then by inscribing a Tattoo on them allow them to harness this magik.  The Mentor will charge them for time and materials, which becomes more costly as the Mystic advances.  The social status of a Mystic will often depend on the society in which they are raised but next to the Magician are viewed with the most suspicion.

Advancing as a Mystic:

They gain the minimum number of spells per level from their Mentor, who also inks the Tattoos necessary for the casting of his spells on the Mystic.  At 9th level the Mystic no longer requires a Mentor but must seek out other Mystics from whom they might learn a new spell and gain a new Tattoo.  The Mystic is also able, at this level, to teach others and ink Tattoos on them.


Experience Table:

Experience Level Hit Dice (d4)
0 1 1
2,500 2 2
5,000 3 3
9,000 4 4
18,000 5 5
36,000 6 6
72,000 7 7
124,000 8 8
195,000 9 9
245,000 10 10
305,000 11 11
380,000 12 12
500,000 13 13



Mystic Spells:

            The Mystic’s spells are of a broad category of spheres with a strong focus on Mentalism.


Spell Table



Spell Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 2
2 3 1
3 3 2
4 4 2 1
5 4 2 2
6 4 3 2 1
7 4 3 3 2
8 4 3 3 2 1
9 4 4 3 2 2
10 4 4 4 3 3
11 4 4 4 4 4 1
12 4 5 5 4 4 2
13 5 5 5 4 4 2 1
14 5 5 5 5 5 2 1
15 5 5 5 5 5 3 2
16 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 1
17 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 2
18 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 2 1



Spell List

1 2 3 4 5 6
Animal Telepathy Animal Affinity Astral Construct Aura Sight Adapt Body Astral Projection
Claws of the Beast Body Adj. Body Equilibrium Clairaudience Catapsi Aura Alteration
Body Purification Dimension Swap Detect Scrying Clairvoyance Body Equilibrium
Crystal Shard Concussion Blast Empathic Transfer Correspond Brain Spider
Detect Psychic Dark Vision ESP Expansion Ectoplasmic Shambler
Dissipating Touch Detect Hostility Exhalation of the Dragon Improved Ectoplasmic Armour Hail of Crystals Leech Field
Ectoplasmic Armour Essence Battery Hustle Mind Bar, Lesser Object Reading Precognition
Elf Sight Feat Leech Mass Missive Psychic Agitation Power Leech Psychic Crush
Entangling Ectoplasm Matter Agitation Mental Barrier Psychic Buoyancy Power Resistance Psychic Retrieval
Far Hand Missive Mind Trap Psychic Maneuver Psychic Sensitivity Suspend Life
Grip of Iron Painful Strike Psychic Burst Steadfast Perception Telekinetic Thrust
Hammer Psychic Push Psychic Stun Telekinetic Force Telempathic Proj.
Psychic Bolt Recall Agony Share Pain Vampiric Blade Trace Teleport
Psychic Daze Strength of my Enemy Swarm of Crystals Wall of Ectoplasm
White Noise Sustenance Ubiquitous Vision
Thought Shield Wall Walker


7 8 9
Breath of the Dragon Energy Conversion Assimilate
Ethereal Form Energy Wave Ethereal Gate
Evade Burst Far Sight Form of Doom
Fate of One Material Manipulation Microcosm
Inertial Armour Soul Blank Probability Travel
Mind Bar, Greater Teleport Psychic Manipulation
Phase Door Time Regression Scrye
Psychic Blast True Metabolism Telepathic Proj.
Telekinesis Timeless Body
View Trap

Mystic Spell Descriptions:


Level 1

Comprehend Languages [Divination]

Cost:                                  3

Range:                               Touch

Casting Time:             1 round

Duration:                       5 rds. /level

Target:                             Individual

Area of Effect:          1 speaking creature or written text

Saving Throw:            None

Magik Resistance:    Yes


When this spell is cast, the wizard is able to understand the spoken words of a creature or read an otherwise incomprehensible written message (such as writing in another language). In either case, the wizard must touch the creature or the writing. Note that the ability to read does not necessarily impart understanding of the material, nor does the spell enable the caster to speak or write an unknown language. Written material can be read at the rate of one page or equivalent per round. Magical writing cannot be read, other than to know it is magical, but the spell is often useful when deciphering treasure maps. This spell can be foiled by certain warding magic (the 3rd-level secret page and illusionary script spells), and it does not reveal messages concealed in otherwise normal text.  The material components of this spell are a pinch of soot and a few grains of salt.



Level 2



Level 3



Body Adjustment [Mentalism/Animancy]

Cost:                                  3

Range:                               Personal

Casting Time:             1 round

Duration:                         Instantaneous


Target:                             You

Area of Effect:          Self

Saving Throw:            None

Magik Resistance:    None


You take control of your body’s healing process, curing yourself of 1d12 points of damage. As usual, when regular damage is healed, an equal amount of nonlethal damage is also healed.

Augment:                    For every 2 additional power points you spend, this power heals an additional 1d12 points of damage.


Body Equilibrium [Mentalism/Transmutation]


Cost:          3

Display:    Material and visual

Manifesting Time:    1 standard action

Range:       Personal

Target:     You

Duration:                         10 min./level (D)

Saving Throw:            None

Magik Resistance:    No


You can adjust your body’s equilibrium to correspond with any solid or liquid that you stand on. Thus, you can walk on water, quicksand, or even a spider’s web without sinking or breaking through (this effect does not confer any resistance to particularly sticky webs). You can move at your normal speed, but you cannot run (×4 speed) on an infirm surface without sinking or breaking through.

If you fall from any height while using this power, damage from the impact is halved.


Level 4



Level 5


Astral Caravan [Divination, Conjuration]


Level:                                  Nomad 3

Display:                            None

Casting Time:             1 hour

Range:                               Personal

Target:                             You and touched willing creatures

Duration:                                                 See text

Power Points:                5

Magik Resistance:    Yes


You lead a caravan into the Astral Plane, leaving the Material Plane behind. Since the Astral Plane touches upon other planes, you can travel in Astral form to any of these other planes as you wish, but only if you know your way (see below).

You can bring other willing creatures with you, provided that these subjects have each manifested astral traveler and are linked hand to hand with you at the time of the astral caravan’s manifestation. These fellow travelers are dependent upon you and must accompany you at all times. If something happens to you during the journey that causes you to break hand-to-hand contact, your companions are stranded wherever you leave them. Because the planes are a dangerous place, those who lead astral caravans usually choose to manifest this power only if they have a large party of travelers assembled. Sometimes groups of lower-level adventurers may hire you to lead forays beyond the Material Plane.

The astral caravan power lasts while you and your fellow travelers maintain your original formation, until (1) you reach your intended destination plane, (2) you desire to end the power while still traversing the Astral Plane, (3) you or anyone traveling with you breaks the hand-to-hand chain connecting the travelers for 2 consecutive rounds, or (4) the power is terminated by some outside means, such as dispel psionics. When the power ends, you and your fellow travelers halt in whatever portion of the Astral Plane you happen to be traversing (the Astral Plane is in many ways subjective in location; in any event, one place on the Astral looks much like any other).

While you are traveling through the Astral Plane, those natives who happen to glimpse you and your fellow travelers perceive you to be moving at a speed of 30 feet (you can’t run), with you flying in the lead and your fellow travelers strung out behind you, each linked to the next by one hand.

Destination Knowledge (the planes)
Knowledge Modifier
None* N/A
Secondhand (heard of plane) -10
Firsthand (you have visited plane)
Familiar (visited 3 or more times) +5
*If you have no direct knowledge of your destination, you must have some connection to it in order to travel there; see below.

Depending on your knowledge of the planes, your journey through the subjective space that is the Astral Plane may take a longer or shorter period of time. For each 24 hours you travel, make a Knowledge (the planes) check. Unless a location is particularly hard to find and well guarded, or conversely easy to find and well advertised, the average DC for an astral caravan journey should be set at 20. You cannot take 20 on this check, though you can take 10. Each check may be modified by your degree of familiarity with the destination or by some connection you have with the place; see the associated tables.

Knowledge (the planes)
Connection Modifier
Likeness or picture of plane +2
Object from plane +4
Planar Cartography +10

Each successful check indicates that you are one step closer to your goal. To finally arrive at your location, you must succeed on six checks within a span of 12 days. (If you fail to make six successful checks within the first 12 days, you can continue to make one check per day until you get the requisite six successes within a span of 12 consecutive days). When you successfully make the requisite number of checks, the journey ends, and you appear on your chosen plane within 10-1,000 (10d%) miles of your intended destination on that plane.


If you spend 2 additional power points, this power weaves a quasi-real filmy membrane around yourself and all those adjacent to each other in the caravan (being linked by hand is not required if this membrane is used). You remain visible within the translucent, amorphous enclosure. You can pick up or drop willing passengers, easily reaching through the film. Anything you hold is enveloped by the film. Any attacks made through the enclosure in either direction have a 25% miss chance due to the rippling membrane.

When you manifest this power in its augmented form, your apparent speed to those observing on the Astral Plane is 40 feet, and you can make a Knowledge (the planes) check once every 12 hours to attempt to make it to your destination (six successful checks within 12 consecutive days still sees you to your desired goal).



Level 6



Level 7



Level 8



Level 9



Affinity Field [Mentalism, Transmutation]

Level:                                  Psion/wilder 9

Display:                            Material and visual

Manifesting Time:    1 standard action

Range:                               20 ft.


Area:                                  20-ft.-radius emanation, centered on you

Duration:                                                 1 round/level (D)

Saving Throw:            Fortitude negates (potentially harmless)

Power Points:                17


You create an affinity feedback loop with all creatures within the area. While the duration lasts, affected creatures take all damage (including ability damage) as you do and heal all wounds as you do. Hit points gained or lost persist after this power ends.

Creatures in range are also subject to magical and Mentalism effects of 3rd level or lower. Creatures that have an affinity to you gain a saving throw against each new power transferred through the affinity field as if the power were manifested upon them normally. All magical and Mentalism effects transferred to subjects fade at the end of this power’s duration, although instantaneous effects remain. If you suddenly become immune to a particular effect or power, the effect or power to which you are immune cannot be transferred to creatures that have affinity to you.


Mental Block [Mentalism, Charm]


Level:                                  Psion/wilder 9

Display:                            Auditory, material, and visual

Manifesting Time:    1 round

Range:                               Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)

Target:                             One living creature

Duration:                                                 Instantaneous

Saving Throw:            Fortitude negates

Power Points:                17


By using this power, you delete 1d4 powers permanently from the subject’s mind. You specify the level of each power, and the game master randomly determines which of the subject’s powers is actually deleted. Psychic chirurgery or reality revision can be used to restore the lost powers, but it must be performed within 1 week of losing the powers.