The Magician

Pulling rabbits from hats, entertaining light shows, hypnotism, and ventriloquism are just a few of the things you may find the average Magician doing on any given day.  She is a master of illusion and phantasm, and with the proper training a manipulator of Shadow.  As a jack-of-all-trades in the magikal world her true expertise lies in her ability to use sundry forms of all the various magikal disciplines.

The common people view Magicians with a combination of wonder and suspicion.  This low social status has led the Magician to have to live by their wits as well as by wizardry.  Because of her secretive nature, the Magician gains abilities similar to the thief, and her special form of spell study has given her some skill in harnessing the other schools of magik.  Often described as a “hedge-wizard” by others of the Mage Caste who tend to take a dim and unimpressed view of her skills, the Magician can prove more formidable than first meets the eye.  Magicians may not be Lawful in Alignment.  The primary attributes for this class are Intelligence and Dexterity, with Charisma as a secondary.

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Special Advantages:

  Magikal Paraphernalia:

— Magicians are allowed to use all magik items in the spell caster category regardless of which class they are listed under.


— The Magician has learned to see that which is normally unseen and has the ability to spot secret doors on 2 in 6 after active searching.  Also, the Magician has a 10% + 2% per level chance of spotting anyone successfully hiding in shadows within 30’ of her.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

The Magician picks up an eclectic collection of skills during his career which often proves imperative to his survival.

  •               -Education 3
  •               -Magik Sense
  •                -Scroll Lore
  •                -Palm Object
  •                -Flee
  •                -Streetwise

Becoming a Magician:

The Magician does not learn his art in the formal fashion of the Wizard or the Sorcerer.  As the general populace tends to look suspiciously on those whose magik is primarily based around deception, Magicians have adopted a more clandestine system.  Often meeting in the corner of a tavern or inn; among the stacks of an old library; and even the back alleys if necessary this fraternity of prestidigitation is quite secretive and cagey with regards to their spells.  It is not uncommon for a young Magician to learn his craft from an old master but soon enough he will be on his own looking to trade or buy the secrets of other illusions from fellow Magicians.  The character must have a minimum of 12 Intelligence, 12 Dexterity and 12 Charisma.

Advancing as a Magician:

Tinkering and testing are the hallmarks of Magicians as they advance.  They are self-taught and though they need to spend time and treasure in order to gain spells, they essentially learn on their own.  The only exception to this is if they wish to master any Shadow magik.  Another Magician skilled in its use must train them and this is true of any spells dealing with Shadow magik.