Taurentine (Halflings)

halfling1Taurentine (Halflings):
The Taurentine are farming and herding people who prize peace and good food above almost all else, and are found primarily in small enclaves scattered about the globe. They tend to avoid great political entanglements when possible, rarely war on neighboring peoples, and cultivate trade whenever they are able. They range in height from 3’ 4” to 4’ 0” for males and 3’ 0” to 3’ 6” in females. On average, they live between 85-100 years. The Taurentine race is nimble especially with their hands; though not so mighty of stature and as such gain a +1 to Dexterity and Wisdom but a –2 to Strength.
The Taurentine are natural conversationalists and enjoy speaking to all strangers who pass through their lands. They hold few biases and trade with whomever is willing and offers a fair price, thus they grow up learning the languages of those with whom they interact. Characters start with a choice of the following languages in addition to their native tongue, up to the maximum permitted by their Intelligence score: Dwarven, Gnome, Elven, Common Tongue, other human dialects, any neighboring racial tongue, Secret Signs (Woodland), or Secret Signs (Urban), and these are in addition to their native language, which they gain at no cost.
Halflings, by which they are often referred among other races, are an amenable people with a keen sense of community. Being of relatively short stature and often eschewing feet covering when working in the fields, they are often mistakenly considered an uncouth or primitive people. Nothing could be further from the truth and due to their personality and excellent social standing, all Taurentine receive a +1 to their reaction bonus when encountering other races. Furthermore, as they are raised in farming and trading cultures, Taurentine get both the Haggle and Agriculture non-weapon proficiencies as a bonus.halfling2
Taurentine have an unusually high resistance to the effects of undead. All draining effects of undead are half their normal potency and those which are extra-planar have their damage by natural weapons reduced by 1. Also, all Halflings add +2 to their Life Force due to the strong bond they have to the Prime Material Plane. Taurentine are very adept with the use of slings and thrown weapons, which are favored among their kind. When using such weapons, Taurentine gain a +1 on to hit rolls. Also, due to their lack of height, all giant class creatures are at -4 to hit them. Like Elves, the Halfling folk are light and nimble. When alone or 90’ distant from a party, they improve their chances of surprise causing their opponents to -4 from their surprise roll, modifiers to be determined by the GM.

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