Sub Class: The Diabolist

Special Advantages:

Controlled Intellect:

–The Diabolist gains a +1 to Intelligence, not to exceed 18.


– The Diabolist has made a pact with the dark powers in order to give himself virtual invulnerability. As a result he cannot be killed in the standard fashion for his soul no longer resides within him.  If reduced from 0 to -9 HP the Diabolist goes unconscious but revives 24 hours later with 1 HP and can be healed as normal.  If reduced to -10 the Diabolist goes unconscious but revives one week later.*   In order to permanently slay a Diabolist you must destroy his Soul Cage*.                                                                                                                                                 *See Death Chart below.

Diabolist’s Death Chart:

The Diabolist’s arts change him forever and there is no greater example of this then creation of his Soul Cage.  A Diabolist’s very soul is taken from his body and placed in a receptacle of his choice.  If this receptacle should be destroyed then the Diabolist immediately dies regardless of his location and must face his dark masters.  Short of destroying this Soul Cage, the Diabolist cannot be killed, though his body may age and even decay if not cared for properly.  Even so, if a Diabolist should fall below 0 hit points he enters a cataleptic state, a fitful sleep from whence he awakens in 24 hours.

If he goes to -10, the Diabolist does not die but rather his spirit wanders the Abyss or the Infernal Planes relative to whom he made his pact, for a period of one week before it is permitted to return to his body.  A journey to the Abyss can be unsettling for even the staunchest of hearts; for the Diabolist who experiences a preview of the eventual fate for which he has traded his soul, it can be downright disturbing.  As such, each time a death event occurs, the Diabolist must roll on the chart below to determine if his mental state has been adversely affected.

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