The energies of the multi-verse flow through the planes of existence like an invisible and nearly intangible latticework of thin threads.  There are creatures that are able to tap this energy and express it as magikal power or effects, while others learn arcane rites or ancient disciplines that permit them to bend these threads to their uses by means of spells.   This is called spell casting and relies on tapping into Power Points that are generated by a Mage using his Magikal Essence.



                        As stated previously spells are the tapping and bending of mystical energies by one of the Mage classes.    In this game system, there are five primary Mage classes.

Magician: You are an illusionist and streetwise dabbler (spells involving Charm, Illusion / Phantasm and Shadow).

Mystic: You seek to tap the magikal energies that infuse the prime material plane and focus them with your mind.  (Spells involving Mentalism, Divination, and Minor Transmutation)

Necromancer: You are a practitioner of the “dark” arts of death magik and infernal conjuration (spells involving Necromancy, Conjuration, and Negative Plane Energy).

Sorcerer: You are a master of the supernatural (spells involving Conjuration, Abjuration, Wards, and Circles).

Wizard: You are a scholar of the elements and magiks of the material world (spells involving Evocation, Enchantment, and Transmutation).


The power to wield this magik is referred to as Power PointsPower Points are the amount of magikal energy that a particular mage can harness within himself and use to cast his spells.  Once a mage has obtained a new spell and spent sufficient time studying it and mastering it, he can use it at his leisure so long as he has the appropriate amount of Power Points.  At the end of each day, the mage must spend time in meditation at a rate of 1 round (1minute) per power point expended that day.  A mage regains one Power Point per hour of sleep (If the mage is getting peaceful bed rest they may receive two per hour).  The amount of points needed for each spell is listed with the spell and are available from the Gamemaster.

The formula for Power Points is as follows:

Power Points per level: Power Points are generated by a 1D4 points per level and then any Intelligence or other adjustments are made.  Essence bonuses as seen on the Magikal Essence Table below are gained as a one time bonus added to a Mage’s total Power Points.  As his experience grows, the mage learns to harness more of this energy to use in the casting of spells.  If at any time a mage depletes all his Power Points in the course of a day, he must make a check against his Constitution score.  If the mage fails this test then he must take immediate rest lasting 1 hour for each point below the missed roll, (ex a roll of 14 against a Constitution of 12 would require 2 hour of rest).


Magikal Essence Score: A mage draws his power to cast spells from a place deep within himself; this raw intellectual willpower is represented by his EssenceEssence is a combination of Intelligence, Wisdom, and Constitution.  These numbers are added together and then divided by three, this yield his Essence, and from this score a mage might gain an additional learning bonus, additional Power Points (this is a one time bonus gained at 1st level), and whether or not he may gain back lost Power Points more quickly.


Magikal Essence Table:

Score Learning Bonus Power Point Bonus Recovery Bonus Abjur / Div / Conj / Summon Adj. Averages
3 – 4 -30% -5 -2 Animal (S,M),
5 – 6 -20% -3 -1 Animal (L),
7 – 8 -10% -1 -1 Lurker Above, Behir,
9 – 10 Nereid,  Gnolls
11 – 12 Satyr,  Trolls, Vorgeel
13 +1 per 2 hours Giant,  Lisshe
14 +1 +1 per 1.5 hours Demons(L), Devils(L), Kenku
15 +5% +2 +1 per 1.5 hours +1 Sphinx, Pseudo-dragon, Lamia
16 +8% +3 +1 per hour +1 Demons(G), Dragons, Mind Flayers
17 +12% +4 +1 per hour +2 Vampires, Devils(G), Gith
18 +15% +4 +1 per .5 hours +3 Liche, Djinns, Efreet, Marids
19 +17% +5 +1 per .5 hours +4 Beholder, Grey Slaad
20 +20% +6 +2 per .5 hours +4 The Ancients