Who are these strange figures whose towers glow in indigo and green, and from whence strange voices in alien tongues cry out in the night?  Sorcerers are the adepts of the arts of conjuring, summoning, invocations and abjuration; along with subtle minor divinations.  They wish to harness and direct the magik of the multiplex of planes and elemental powers.  Unlike their close cousins the Necromancer, the Sorcerer avoids calling up any creatures from the Nether or Negative material planes, and they will never seek knowledge from these sources.  Any Sorcerer who opts to walk the dark path forever loses his status and must continue forward from that point as a Diabolist.

Sorcery spells usually require time and concentration in order to complete successfully.  This restricts the combat effectiveness of the Sorcerer, but they also command some of the most powerful magiks available in the game.  The Sorcerer is undisputedly the master of opening portals, planar travel, and abjuration.  The primary attribute for this class is Intelligence, with Wisdom and Constitution as secondary.

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Special Advantages:


Aura of Power:

– When not in melee combat, the Sorcerer cannot be the subject of Attacks of Opportunity.

Controlled Intellect:

–The Sorcerer gains a +1 to Intelligence, not to exceed 18.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

The Sorcerer must spend many hours practicing and mastering the skills and knowledge necessary to become adept at his craft and learns a series of crucial proficiencies in the process.

  • Education 4
  • Magik Sense
  • Astronomy
  • Meditation
  • Planar Lore
  • Spell Craft

Becoming a Sorcerer:

The character must have a minimum of 13 Intelligence, 10 Wisdom, and a 10 Constitution.  Sorcerers always learn from another Sorcerer who will act as mentor.  Due to the nature of their studies Sorcerers have a moderate to low social status more from fear than anything.  The only other primary restriction on Sorcerers is that they may never call up or commune with denizens of the Nether or Negative planes.  If he does, a Sorcerer revokes his class and can only advance as a Diabolist from that point forward.

Advancing as a Sorcerer:

A Mentor will provide the basic spells necessary at a relatively high cost in both treasure and service.  The mentor will guide the sorcerer through his mastery of Wards, Circles, and spells testing his ward continuously in order to hone his expertise and his mental strength.  At 9th level a Sorcerer can opt to self educate from that point forward though doing so could prove to be no less expensive it does provide the character with a greater degree of freedom in his studies.

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Understanding Sorcery:

Sorcery is said to be the oldest of the magikal disciplines and focuses on two major magikal tools: Wards and Circles of Protection and Power.  Though the Sorcerer has sundry other spells that he may learn, these two classes of spells are the ones they prize the most.

Wards are ancient symbols which when drawn correctly and using the correct incantation hold and then release specific magikal energies.  Wards must be placed on an object or person, with some few exceptions which can be drawn in the air using a stick of burning incense.  Unlike many spells the Sorcerer is immune to the effects of his Wards and cannot set them off by touching or disturbing them.  Wards cannot be placed on weapons or objects for the purpose of employing them in the function of a weapon.

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