Ork or Poure

Ork1The Ork or Poure as they call themselves are one of the four Dawn Races (Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, and Orks) who were spawned in the 8th Millennium. The Dawn Races came into a world already populated with fierce and powerful beings. Theirs was not an easy path to recognition and among them all the Poure walked the hardest road. Early on they found themselves under the heel of the Vorgeel and Slaad, both of whom used them as slaves, soldiers, and food. It was a brutal gauntlet but the Orks would not be bowed into complete subservience. They bore the shackles with a grim determination and a heart bent on revenge. As the years passed the Slaad departed Aeres for the planes of Limbo and the Orks were quick to overrun their citadels taking them as their own and desperately trying to learn the secrets of Slaad magik. When the might of the Vorgeel was broken by Dwarves, Men, and Trolls the Orks once more grasped at freedom and threw off the yoke of those cruel masters as well. Having felt betrayed by the gods and the ancients they became a shamanistic people relying instead on the will of their own race and the wisdom of their forefathers.
As they grew in number and power it was clear they held no love for the other races that may have had a part in bringing about their freedom. The Poure attributed any secondary effects resulting from the departure of the Slaad or defeat of the Vorgeel as providence and the intercession of the spirits of their ancestors. They had survived; they had become stronger because of being tested in the furnace of adversity! The other so called Dawn Races had been aided or tutored but the Poure had stood on their own, they were beholden to none! In fact the other races might well learn from a little adversity themselves, a little hardship, and a little deprivation.

ork2This fatalistic worldview has led to a society where strength, endurance, and a penchant for social climbing through besting of your opponents are viewed as both honorable and preferable. Though many would describe such a social compact as brutal, the Poure look at it as being honest, and moreover ensures that the fittest survive to lead. Players of the Poure or Ork race gain a +2 to Strength and Constitution scores but suffer a -2 to Charisma and Intelligence. Orks have also been blessed with Low-Light Vision to 60’ and like their bastard progeny, Half-Orks; they also gain a +1 in the use of any Polearm. All Ork characters gain a +2 to Life Force and a -2 to Magikal Essence due to their strong bond to the Prime Material Plane.
Orkish society is tribal by nature and centers on agriculture in which Orks tend to excel given their background and physical gifts. Thus Ork characters start with two slots of agrarian skills, which will count as only one slot when choosing their non-weapon proficiencies, and gain the Agriculture skill as a bonus. Though Poure do not place a great deal of emphasis on education they have certain traditions that they have carried from ancient times which does supplement their lack of formal learning. All Orks speak the Orkish tongue as well as Vorgeel, Slaad, and Goblin. Poure are taught how to survive in difficult situations and so all Orks gain the Foraging skill as a bonus as well.

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