Non-Weapon Proficiencies & Secondary Skills

Non-Weapon Proficiencies & Secondary Skills:

Non-weapon proficiencies and secondary skills represent knowledge that a player gains outside of their primary career path.  These help a character to either enhance his primary career path or expand his abilities into other avenues.  Every Class has a list of basic proficiencies and skills.  Along with those listed, every Class is given a number of “free slots” for the character to fill and these can be added onto as a player advances.  Classes gain additional free slots at different levels as seen in the Proficiency & Skills Table below.  Each class is permitted to choose skills from the categories listed on the Table.

A character may “purchase” additional proficiencies and skills with experience points.  Every skill costs 1000 exp. per required slot (i.e. a Mage wishing to purchase Scroll Lore would either use two available slots or spend 2000 exp.); particular exceptions are noted.  If a character wishes they may “purchase” skills from other Class Tables at double the cost or twice the necessary free slots.  Some proficiencies or skills must be chosen at the start of a character’s career such as Improved Intellect, or Lighting Reflexes and these are marked with an Asterisk.  Because of the nature of these bonuses, a character may not use more than one slot per bonus and no bonus may increase the corresponding Ability beyond a score of 18.




Class Restriction Table:

Class Tables
Mercenary-Soldier, Knight Warrior
Wizard,  Sorcerer, Necromancer Mage
Thief, Privateer Rogue
Priest, Druid Savant
Magician Mage, Rogue
Monk, Templar, Ranger, Shaman Warrior, Savant
Huntsman, Swordsman Warrior, Rogue
Warlock, Mystic Mage, Savant
Bard, Assassin Warrior, Mage, Rogue


Proficiency & Skills Table:

Class Initial Level
Warrior (Soldier, Knight, Templar,  Ranger, Swordsman,Archer(EmpiresEnd) 3 4
Mage (Magician, Wizard, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Mystic) 4 3
Rogue (Thief, Assassin, Bard, Huntsman, Privateer) 3 3
Savant (Priest, Druid, Warlock, Shaman, Monk) 2 5



Racial Adjustment Table:

Race Age Adjustment Restrictions
Mature +1 None
Elven N/A 0 Begging, Blather, Consume Alcohol, Drive Cart, Haggling, Rhetoric, Streetwise
Dwarven N/A +1 Blather, Oratory, Philosophy, Trick Riding, Charioteering, Seduction
Gnome N/A 0 Jousting, Grooming, Riding 2-4, Trick Riding, Charioteering
Halfling Mature +2 Jousting, Riding 2-4, Trick Riding, Charioteering
Half-Elf Mature 0 None
Half-Ork N/A +1 None
Kenku N/A 0 Agriculture, Boat Piloting, Cobbling, Drive Cart, Falconry, Swimming