Mountain Dwarves (Mor’loch)

mountaindwarvesMountain Dwarves (Mor’loch) –
There are several key Mountain fortresses of the Dwarven people located across the face of Aeres. The Dwarves who built and live in them are known as Mountain Dwarves and they tend to be more isolationist then their brothers of the hills, though many Hill Dwarfs live among them. The Mor’loch as they are known to Dwarves means Mountain Hammer but more accurately translates as “those who hammer the mountain,” heralding the days when the Dwarves first climbed the heights and began to fashion their mansions of stone.
The Mor’loch are hardier then other Dwarves in some ways and they are also more reclusive and taciturn. This translates to a +2 Constitution, and +1 Strength, while suffering a -1 to Dexterity and -1 to Charisma and -1 to Wisdom. When choosing their bonus Career Skill those playing a Mountain Dwarf must roll percentile; if the result is below 50 % then they must choose mining, if above then they may choose a different Career Skill.

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