Life Force

Life Force:

Life Force is the embodiment of the energy that makes up all living creatures; it is the quintessence of their spiritual, magikal, and physical self.  A character’s Life Force is calculated by adding up all six basic stats and then dividing by 6.  This number is then adjusted by any racial or magikal modifications yielding the final Life Force Score. Thus, a Taurentine character with a Str: 14, Int: 10, Wis: 10, Dex: 15, Con: 12, Cha: 14 will add these up equaling, 75 then dividing by 6 yielding 12.5 or 13 rounded.  Then he will add his racial adjustment of +2(See Taurentine) ending with a final Life Force Score of 15.

Life Force may be permanently adjusted by the following means: permanent changes to one of the six primary abilities, experience level (see table below), age (see table below), and an exceptional mystical event.  Please note that temporary changes to any ability score, such as might be awarded by Gauntlets of Ogre Power or Gloves of Dexterity, etc. DO NOT affect Life Force.  If Life Force points are lost, they may be regained at a rate of one (1) per year or by other mystical intervention, ex. Bless restores 1 point, Restoration raises the recipient to full.

In previous gaming systems undead primarily drained “energy levels” which were equated to experience levels.  This was done to make them fearsome but it often made for frustrated players as they suddenly lost whole ranks of abilities.  As such Life Force is what the majority of Undead drain on Aeres.  Their connection to the Negative Material Plane or emanations of Negative Plane energy causes this drain, though some may be able to direct such effects as well.

If a character loses all their Life Force they become an undead, i.e. all their Prime Material Plane Energy has now been replaced by Negative Material Plane Energy.  Dawn Races become Wraiths, Wights, Ghouls, etc. depending on their nature and by whom they were drained.  Faerie Folk, such as Elves react quite differently given their connection with both the Ethereal and Positive Material Plane and become Banshee (female) or Apparitions (males) if they lose all their Life Force; Gnomes become Spriggan.  Once a player has crossed over into the realm of the undead they may only be brought back by divine or mystical intervention.  High level Priests can restore all but faerie folk by use of a Restore Life Talisman.  Faerie Folk may only be saved from undeath by the casting of a Reincarnation Talisman on their character.  If a character remains undead for longer than a year they are beyond redemption and only Exorcism can save them from eternal wandering.


Table 8: Life Force

Score Mystical Adjustment Age  Adjustment Talisman  / Necrotic & Invocation

Age or Spell Adjustment

3-5 Major Curse* -3 Displacer Beast, Blink Dog,
6-8 Minor Curse* Venerable -2 Slaad, Lithids
9-11 Prayer*, Curse* Old -1 Elf, Gnome
12-14 Adult Nubi, Kenku, Lisshe
15-16 Bless, Aid*, Prayer* Young +1 Half-Ork, Human, Dwarf
17 Minor Restoration +2 Ork, Taurentine
18 Negative Plane Pro.* +3 Vorgeel
19 Major Restoration +4 Skaven, Formorian, Thri-kreen
20 +5 Dragon, Trolls

* Indicates a temporary adjustment.

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