General initiative rolls are made on a d10 except when otherwise specified by the Game Master, and the winner gains a –1 to their weapon, spell or action speed.  Combat initiative is determined by weapon speed or casting time, which indicates when during the course of the round, a player or monster, may attack, and is modified by various factors.  A character’s dexterity can adjust their initiative (see Reaction Adjustment under Dexterity) as can class or magikal bonuses.  General Initiative also indicates the opportunity to move first or begin a specific action, such as a spell.  Spells are successfully completed if the mage is undisturbed and not hit in the attack phase prior to the completion of the spell. If there is a possibility that a spell or talisman will fail due to a disturbance, including a melee attack, attack of opportunity, spell attack, or combat maneuver then the character must make a Concentration Check in order to determine if the spell was successfully completed.

Once Initiative has been determined the battle begins.  Battles are broken into ten (10) melee rounds or segments that collectively make up one (1) round.  Ten (10) rounds make up one turn.  Spell casting times are given in rounds or segments, not melee rounds.