Aereans (Humans):

human1As stated human is the most populace race and is divided into numerous kingdoms, empires and clans throughout the world. Humans range in height from 5’2” to 7’ 0” among the males and 4’0” to 6’ for the females. On average they live between 75-80 years of age. Because of their curiosity and zeal for life Humans are affected by events more and learn more from them. Thus all Human characters gain a +10 % bonus on all non-treasure or magik experience earned and they pay 10 % less in experience for additional skills and proficiencies bought after character creation. Due to their strong connection to the Prime Material Plane, all Human characters receive a +1 to their Lifeforce Score.
Human society being the most prevalent on the planet, most player interaction, adventures, and storylines will take place or interface with Human cultures. Therefore, Human players will gain the most benefits and be the most comfortable in social settings. Player characters may or may not gain any other special bonuses for playing humans from particular cultural backgrounds. This will be determined by the GM at the time of the character’s creation.
Of the many races of Humans who live on Aeres there are the: Dahlia, Tholusians, Uler, Eerstemen (Duchy Men), Libras, Loshe, Kateri, Huygen, Capricans (Southern Men), Hadrus, Majiyar, Cherion (Steppes Men), Kaesar, and the Lei.

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