Hill Dwarves (Dar’ven)

HilldwarfsHill Dwarves (Dar’ven) –
Hill Dwarves are essentially what most commoners consider to be a Dwarf. Though Dwarves might be found in all climates and locales, Dwarves prefer geography that is defensible and difficult for cavalry, being a particular menace to the short of stature. Hence you are most like to find Dwarves in hilly or mountainous regions where their skill with masonry and engineering can be best used for their benefit. Hill Dwarves are the most common of the Dar’ven people and are the most social, if there is such a thing. They are traders and tradesmen and their cities, though well built for protection are open for regular commerce and quite accessible. All the standard bonuses and adjustments listed are applicable to Hill Dwarves. It is not particularly easy to tell a Hill Dwarf from a Mountain Dwarf save that Hill Dwarves are likely to have a ruddier complexion and are generally more gregarious.

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