Half Ork

half-orcJust as there are matches of love between Humans and Elves, there are sometimes progeny of the ill-fated unions between Human and Ork. These two Dawn Races seem forever destined to stand on opposite sides of the field from one another. Since the earliest days when Orks took on the brutal demeanor of their ancient masters, while Humans sought to throw off that yoke. Still there is much about them that is similar. Like Half-Elves, Half-Orks usually gain qualities from both parents. Unlike Half-Elves though, it is usually the Ork half which dominates. The only variable that permits a Half-Ork to pass undetected in human society is a Charisma score of 16 or better. They range in height between 5’ 5” to 7’ 0” in males and 5’ 5” to 6’ 2” in females. On average they live between 55-65 years. half-ork2
Half-Orks must work hard to be accepted among Ork kind but most who survive often distinguish themselves as leaders or artisans. From their Human side they gain a more attentive eye and a sharper wit, both of which are prized by Ork society. Half-Orks in Human societies often struggle all their lives to be accepted and most never are. Given their brutish appearance, and gruff nature it can be difficult to fit in, although in agrarian and craftsman circles they often find homes and a solid social standing. Due to this natural predilection, all craftsman and agrarian non-weapon proficiencies cost half the normal slots, though they cannot cost less than one. As a bonus, a Half-Ork character may start with one single slot agrarian and one single slot craftsman skill, which will count as only one slot.
Given the physical prowess of Half-Orks, they gain a +1 in the use of any pole arm. This physicality is also represented by a bonus +1 to Strength and a +2 to Constitution but they suffer a -2 to Charisma and a -1 to Intelligence as a result of their Ork blood. Their Orkish heritage has also gifted them with Low Light Vision to 60’. All Half-Ork characters gain a +1 to Life Force and a -1 to Magikal Essence due to their strong bond to the Prime Material Plane.

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