Grey Elves

greyelfThey range in height from 5’ 6” to 6’ 2” in males and 5’ 4” to 6’ 0” in females. On average, they live between 600-750 years. Gray Elves gain a +1 to Intelligence and Dexterity, and a –1 to Constitution and -1 to Strength. Though potent spell casters, the Grey Walkers as they are sometimes called, have the least resistance to Sleep and Charm at 50%. Grey Elves gain a weapon bonus of +1 to hit in the use of the Long Sword and Long Bows.
Gray Elves are natural students and the most serious minded of the Elf races. As such they gain a language bonus of twice the maximum languages permitted by their Intelligence score. They may choose from the following list: common, any of the human or ancient race’s languages, neighboring racial tongues, Goblin, Ork, Gnomish, Dwarven, Taurentine, Entish, and Moon Signs. Like all Elves, Grey Walkers begin knowing Elven and the Faerie tongue without having to expend a proficiency slot.
These elusive members of the Elven family are said to have a hidden kingdom somewhere on Aeres that is guarded by great magik. Cryptically referred to as the Citadel of White Stone or sometimes the White Citadel, its location is a closely guarded secret. They are ruled by a king or queen who is chosen from among the ruling families who sit on a high council of twenty-eight. It is not uncommon to find Grey Elves acting as counselors in Wood or Sea Elven

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