Free Action

Free Action

Free actions consume a very small amount of time and effort. You can perform one or more free actions while taking another action normally. However, there are reasonable limits on what you can really do for free. Free actions rarely incur attacks of opportunity.

            Drop an Item

Dropping an item in your space or into an adjacent square is a free action.

                Drop Prone

Dropping to a prone position in your space is a free action.


In general, speaking is a free action that you can perform even when it isn’t your turn. Speaking more than few sentences is generally beyond the limit of a free action.

                Cease Concentration on Spell

You can stop concentrating on an active spell as a free action.


Swift Action

A swift action consumes a very small amount of time, but represents a larger expenditure of effort and energy than a free action. You can perform only a single swift action per turn without affecting your ability to perform other actions. In that regard, a swift action is like a free action. However, you can perform only a single swift action per turn, regardless of what other actions you take. You can take a swift action any time you would normally be allowed to take a free action. Swift actions usually involve spell-casting or the activation of magik items; many characters (especially those who don’t cast spells) never have an opportunity to take a swift action. Casting a quickened spell or talisman is a swift action; as well as casting a spell or calling a talisman that is only takes 1 segment. Employing a Cantrip does not provoke attacks of opportunity.


Not an Action

Some activities are so minor that they are not even considered free actions. They literally don’t take any time at all to do and are considered an inherent part of doing something else.


Restricted Activity

In some situations, you may be unable to take a full round’s worth of actions. In such cases, you are restricted to taking only a single standard action or a single move action (plus free actions as normal). You can’t take a full-round action (though you can start or complete a full-round action by using a standard action; see below).