elvesElves are not great in numbers but their influence is strongly felt nonetheless. Owing to a long life, magikal nature and keen senses they are certainly a major force on the planet; some regions more so than others. Having slipped down the Ether Thread from the great white moon Chandra (Mayragh in Elven) with the other faerie folk, the Elves are not native to Aeres but are otherworldly creatures. They established three great citadels during the age of Kingdom Building, The Heart Citadel (Wood Elves), The Crescent Citadel (Sea Elves), and The White Citadel (Grey Elves). As Elves are creatures who have a strong affinity to both the Ethereal and the Positive Material planes, they are more susceptible to the effects of certain undead. Undead who touch either the Ethereal or Negative Material plane have a +1 to hit elves (Spectres, Vampires, Wights). Also, energy or life force drains are twice their normal potency and they suffer a -1 to their base Life Force Score. The connection to these alternate planes also confers certain abilities to Elves. Their vision is twice as acute as a human’s, they are blessed with Low-Light Vision and secret doors are spotted by all Elves on a 1 in 6 simply by looking about, and 2 in 6 if they actively search for them. Elven vision is further enhanced by their connection to the Positive Material plane which allows them to see the aura of all creatures native to the Prime Material Plane and those with a connection to the Negative Material plane. Prime Material creatures are seen with a gold aura, while Negative Material creatures are seen with a white aura. Moreover, Elves move silently when alone and not in metal armour, which improves their chances to surprise by +4 or +2 if they must open a door, etc. All Elves add +2 to their Magikal Essence Score due to their highly magikal nature. Different Elven sub-groups gain particular benefits and drawbacks as noted below:

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