Deep Dwarves (Duer’gar)

deepdwarvesDeep Dwarves (Duer’gar) –
The Duer’gar or “travelers in the dark” are the Dwarves who live in the Underdark. They have strained relations with the Dwarven community as a whole though there is clearly communication between the societies. The Duer’gar have hostile relations with virtually all other races and creatures above and below the ground and are the most xenophobic, grim, and if it can be believed, mystical of Dwarves. The Duer’gar live in a difficult and threatening domain and so the bulk of their society has adopted a survival of the fittest policy, which has resulted in it being largely Neutral Lawful to Lawful Evil. Though it is rumored that Duer’gar can cast spells this is not true, the Deep Dwarves distrust and even fear magik as much as other Dwarves; it is known that most Enclaves have Warlocks among them and that their Talismans are often unique from many seen by surface dwellers.
Physically, Deep Dwarves tend to be much leaner, and less hearty than other Dwarves with an almost grey pall to their skin. Being constant dwellers in the Underdark the Duer’gar have Dark Vision up to 120’ and move quite silently allowing them to surprise others on a 3 in 6 but who are themselves surprised only on a 1 in 10. All Duer’gar have the non-weapon proficiency of Direction Sense, and if underground they receive a +1 to any check. If a Duer’gar is in full daylight he suffers a -2 to all attack rolls. Also, they receive a +1 to Wisdom but a -2 to Charisma. Those playing the Duer’gar must roll when choosing a Career Skill; if the roll is 01-25 then they have Mining, if 26-50 they have Engineering. Any roll above 50 permits the player a skill of their choice.

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