Dark Elves (Droe, Tenebrilalgnir:)

darkelfDark Elves (Droe, Tenebrilalgnir:) –
They range in height from 5’ 2 to 5’ 6” in males and 5’ 0” to 5’ 4” in females. On average, they live between 400-600 years. Droe gain a +1 to Intelligence, Dexterity, and Charisma and a –2 to Constitution and –1 to Wisdom. As the most magikal of the Elven races their resistance to Sleep and Charm is the greatest at 90%. A weapon bonus of +1 is conferred in the use of the Short Sword and the Hand Crossbow due to their diligent practice and experience. Bright light is anathema to the Droe and while in direct sunlight they receive a -2 to hit, furthermore their vision is restricted to 30’. While underground they have Dark Vision up to 120’, above ground at night or in darkness they can see out to 60’.
The Dark Elves dwell in the Underdark though how they came to live there or why is a mystery to many. Little is known of their culture but rumors persist that they are broken up into competing clans who vie for power and dominance. They are matriarchal and the queens rule with an cruel iron hand. These ruling families unite under a loose coalition to maintain their position with regards to the other organized beings living in the Underdark: Goblinoids, Skaven, Duer’gar, and the hated Lithids.
Droe begin with a language bonus as other elves, which is equal to the maximum number permitted by their intelligence. They may choose from the following list: Lithid, Slaad, Troll, Goblin, Dwarven, Gnomish, Svirfneblin , and neighboring racial tongues. Droe have proficiency in Elven and the Faerie tongue as well.
Like Dwarves, their lives in the Underdark have given Droe the ability to determine certain natural phenomenon when within 10 feet:
• Detect grade or slope in passage 1-5 on d6
• Detect new tunnel/passage construction 1-5 on d6
• Detect sliding/shifting walls or rooms 1-3 on d6
• Detect stonework traps, pits, and deadfalls 1-3 on d6
• Determine approximate depth underground 1-2 on d6

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