Combat is run in much the same fashion as the 2nd ed. AD&D rules with some modifications.  The main deviation is the use of the 2d20 “to hit” table (G. Draving/C. Schofield), commonly referred to as the D40 System, which is seen later in the documentation.   The table is broken down by character class, and each class is given an alphabetical progression in order to indicate which column is used for battle.

Characters have no weapon restrictions, with a few exceptions stated within the description of a particular class.  Furthermore, no armour is restricted from any class (again certain exceptions do exist), but some armour can make doing one’s job rather difficult.  i.e. a thief attempting to sneak up on a creature while suited up in plate is only fooling himself, and a Magician attempting a little sleight of hand clad in ring mail will tend to be less successful.  In truth, the restrictions that have existed were based on either practical experience or a matter of social construction and this is the way they will be approached in the game.