Ability Scores

characterabilityscoresThe character is technically the sum of his parts or ability scores. These parts are broken down into six attributes and in addition each character has two meta-abilities: Magikal Essence, and Life Force. The six basic attributes are Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma. The Meta-abilities of Essence and Life Force are determined in conjunction with some or all of the basic attributes. All abilities are determined at the character creation phase when scores are rolled and assigned. After which, a player may make adjustments to these statistics with racial bonuses and penalties, age modifications or non-weapon proficiency choices. After these have been factored in and the final scores determined for the six basic abilities, a player will then make the calculations for the two meta-abilities, which may in turn also be modified by racial bonuses or penalties.

men3Abilities are crucial in the performance of many tasks ranging from the obvious such as combat and spell use, to the more esoteric such as reaction adjustments and puzzle solving. Each Ability has its merits and no single ability is more valuable than another in general, though each may be more important to the success of a particular class. Abilities also affect how well a character may perform many of their non-weapon proficiencies. The six Basic Abilities and the two Meta-Abilities are listed below. Some skills include a column for Exceptional Feats that list a player’s percentage chance to perform a super-human action related to that attribute. An Exceptional Feat may only be attempted once per circumstance as determined by the GM. There is a brief list of examples below each list but these are not comprehensive.


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