Career Skills

Career Skills:

Career Skills represent an alternate or previous career path and are granted to any player that opts to begin the game at least ¼ + 1d10 years past their Mature status as per the 1st Edition AD&D Rules, otherwise a character has not had the time or inclination to have developed a Career Skill.  Characters who choose this option are given the Base Skill and the Career Skill but the Base Skill takes up one of their free slots.  Elves do not gain a Secondary Skill due to the nature of their culture, whereas all Dwarf characters begin with a bonus secondary skill regardless of age.


Career Skills Table:

Proficiency Slot Attribute Modifier Description Base Skill
Armourer 3 INTELLIGENCE -2 Design, fashion and repair armour. Armourer, crude
Blacksmithing 2 STRENGTH 0 Run a forge and fashion metal objects Metallurgy
Boatwright 3 INTELLIGENCE -1 Design, fashion and maintain boats. Carpentry
Bowyer/Fletcher 3 DEXTERITY -1 Design, fashion, and repair bows and arrows. Bowyer, crude
Brewing 1 INTELLIGENCE 0 Design, make, and identify brewed bev. Consume Alcohol
Chef 1 WISDOM 0 Cook beef, fowl, fish and arrange menus Cooking
Craft Instrument 2 DEXTERITY -2 Design, fashion, and repair instruments. Artistic Ability
Engineering 3 INTELLIGENCE -3 The design and construction of Education 3
Gem & Jewel Smith 3 DEX. / WIS. -2 Design, fashion, and maintain jewelry. Gemology
Locksmithing 2 DEXTERITY 0 Construct and repair locks, open locks Tinkering
Mechanics 3 INTEL / DEX -2 Evaluate, replicate, and determine functions Tinkering
Mining 3 WISDOM -3 Site and Supervising Mine and Mining Mining, Basic
Navigation 3 INTELLIGENCE -2 Navigate, read nautical charts, sail ship Seamanship, Cartography
Seamstress/Tailor 2 DEXTERITY -1 Design, fashion, and repair clothing etc. Cobbling or Weaving
Stonemasonry 2 STRENGTH -2 Design, fashion, and repair stone structures Artistic Ability
Weaponsmithing 3 INTELLIGENCE -3 Design, fashion, and repair weapons Weaponsmithing, crude
Winemaking 1 INTELLIGENCE 0 Design, make, and identify vintages. Artistic Ability


Those choosing to pursue a Career Skill range in levels of proficiency.  The character will roll on the chart below to determine the level of their craftsmanship.


Roll Skill Level Capabilities
1-50 Apprentice Craft common items.  Fair quality.
51-75 Journeyman Craft uncommon items.  Good quality.
75-90 Craftsman Craft rare items. Excellent quality.
90-98 Master Craftsman Craft very rare items. Enchantment quality.
98-00 Virtuoso Craft unique items. Legendary quality.