Vorgeel or Bugbears

The Vorgeel or Bugbears as they are commonly known are another of the ten ancient races. Vorgeel are a brutish and cruel people but they are also clever and pragmatic. Though they often rely on their great size to bully their neighbors, they also engage in active and aggressive trade, including the sale of slaves. Vorgeel look at all other races as potential slaves, potential trading partners, or potential enemies and sometimes all three at once. Though they are not seen in any great number in the cities of other races, and never in Dwarven lands, they can be found just about everywhere.
Vorgeel are a highly organized culture overall: building cities, opening trading posts, fielding large armies, etc. but individually they are self-serving, mean, and bordering on sadistic. Their culture is extremely xenophobic and they hold all but Slaad in some measure of distrust or outright contempt. These qualities are only moderated by their willingness to forego direct conflict in favor of negotiation, even trading openly with those they might otherwise look to conquer. A Vorgeel will rarely allow his personal distaste to interfere with furthering his ambitions and if those goals are better served by alliance, trade, or tolerance then that is the preferable relationship.
Among Humans the Vorgeel are often referred to as Bugbears stemming from a confusion dating back to ancient times. The Vorgeel wield small magikal grenade like wooden spheres that can be thrown and which have varying effects depending on the enchantment. These devices are called “bugbears” and so the nickname for the Vorgeel stuck. Though they may not seem like the most intelligent race as a whole, Vorgeel are well known for their study of enchantment, transmutation, and evocation magik. Like a few of the ancient races they are strongly shamanistic but also prize Warlocks a great deal. They shun Druidism in its various forms as well as stodgy monastic organizations. Unlike most of the ancient races the Vorgeel have a potent Lifeforce regardless of their unusual magikal aura and therefore gain +3 to their Lifeforce Score.The average Vorgeel, both male and female, stands between 6’ 4” and 8’ 0” tall, with an average lifespan of 65-75 years. They reach maturity around twelve years of age but don’t gain full height for a few years after that. They have broad faces resembling something like a short snouted dog sporting large mouths with rows of sharp teeth and large almost bat like ears. Physically imposing they have hair covering the majority of their bandy muscular bodies, although they wear clothing sometimes even to the point of foppishness. Their size gives them a +3 to Strength scores and their pragmatic nature translates to +1 in Wisdom but they suffer a -2 Charisma and -2 Dexterity scores. Vorgeel have exceptional hearing and thus gain the Alertness non-weapon proficiency as a bonus. Furthermore the maw and teeth of a Vorgeel make an effective natural weapon and if making an unarmed or grappling attack they can bite for 2-5 points of damage.bugbear2
Vorgeel make outstanding infantrymen but they abhor cavalry and will never ride a horse or similar mount, though there are rumors that in their own lands they do ride some kind of land based raptor. In combat against small sized creatures all Vorgeel suffer a -4 to hit due to their bulk and ungainly bodies. In campaigns where a GameMaster permits the playing of Vorgeel the character is restricted to Neutral or Evil alignments only.

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