Gnereesh (Gnomes)

gnomes1Gnereesh (Gnomes):
Though gnomes are often compared to dwarves they are different not only in nature but in origin as well. Gnomes are faerie folk and slipped down the ethereal thread from the moon Chandra like the other faeries. Thus they are somewhat capricious and clever like other faerie folk as well as dabblers in all manner of magik. They are said to be carvers and burrowers of the tunnels and great caves of the moon. So, even though they share the Dwarves’ love of the twisting places of Aeres, they are in fact quite distinct. All Gnomes add +2 to their Magikal Essence score due to their magikal nature. Gnome characters also gain a +1 to Intelligence and Charisma and suffer a -2 to Strength scores. Gnomes suffer the +1 to hit against them and double effects from undead due to their connection to the Ethereal Plane just like other faerie folk.

Dwelling often in burrows and earth homes, Gnomes are taught the Faerie Tongue, Dwarven, Taurentine, Goblin, Common, and the simple speech of burrowing mammals (moles, badgers, weasels, shrews, etc.). Gnomes have ancient feuds with Goblins, Kobolds and Skaven, and gain a +1 to hit them in battle. When in battle against Giant Class creatures; these foes suffer a -4 penalty to hit Gnomes. Gnomes are also blessed with Dark Vision that enables them to see up to 60’ when no light is present.

As tunnelers of exceptional merit, Gnomes are able to detect the following phenomenon when within 10 feet as long as they actively concentrate:
• Detect grade or slope in passage 1-5 on d6
• Detect new tunnel/passage construction 1-2 on d6
• Detect unsafe walls, ceiling and floors 1-7 on d10
• Determine approximate direction underground 1-3 on d6
• Determine approximate depth underground 1-4 on d6

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